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Measuring competencies is a key component for ensuring
organizations have an effective succession plan. 

A major part of Succession Wizard is being to measure competencies for both individuals and jobs stored on the database. This helps greatly in being able to quickly identify possible replacements for specific roles and also in planning career progression for individuals within the organization.

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The Competencies tab on the Staff Detail screen is where you can access and input scores and comments for any of the 35 user-defined competencies.

There are various different ways in which information can be displayed. This screen shows one row for each individual with their competency scores stretching across the screen.

Once you have started to add competency scores then you can begin to analyse the information held on the database. The "Career" tab shows the competency scores for an individual and also the scores required for possible future roles. 
This variance report is useful because it shows the competency scores for an individual and also the scores needed for advancement to identified roles.



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