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Definitions of HR Terminology

Below are definitions of some of the most common terminology used within 
succession planning generally and particularly within Succession Wizard .

Candidate Evaluation The ability to differentiate the suitability of particular individuals for specific roles.
Competencies An individuals basic characteristics which can be measured to define performance.
Contingency Planning Making sure that a plan is in place for unexpected events.
Core Competencies The list of competencies which are central to an organization and usually against which all staff are quantified.
Corporate Succession The process of identifying future leaders of an organization.
Gap Analysis Measuring candidates against a specific role and understanding where they fall short or exceed certain required competencies.
Human Resources Information System (HRIS) An integrated software solution designed to provide information for HR decision making.
Human Resource Strategy The central objective aim for an organization in terms of their personnel.
Job Matching Finding roles for which an individual would be suitable either now or after training in certain areas.
Job Profile The set of competency scores for an individual.
Leadership Competencies Those competencies identified as essential for current and future leaders of an organization.
Leadership Development Making sure that senior managers continue to grow in terms of career development.
Succession Planning The process of identifying a plan for the considered replacement of key employees.
Talent Management The overall practice of ensuring staff are content and improving over time with particular emphasis on senior managers.
Total Quality Management A continuous process of improvement.
Workforce Management Making sure the overall workforce is operating as required.
Workforce Planning Looking ahead to make sure that the right people are in the right place at the right time.


Commonly Misspelled Words

When undertaking a search for Succession Planning Software it is often easy to hit the wrong key and spell a word incorrectly. The list below is simply to give search engines the ability to find this website when spelling mistakes have been made.

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