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An effective HRIS solution coupled with a thoughtful succession planning policy can rapidly boost your organizational performance

Below are some examples of the screens within Succession Wizard which illustrate some of the main features of this HRIS program. Bear in mind that much of the terminology used on the screens can be easily tailored to conform with your own specific requirements. 

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Succession Wizard - Home Screen

Home Screen
When you start the program the first screen to appear is the "Home Screen" which shows some basic statistics relating to the information held on the database. Pre-loaded is some dummy data to help illustrate the various features of the program. The box in the centre of the screen indicates how many people currently on the database have no potential successors in the various categories. Its purpose is to show where the business may be exposed because critical roles have no substitute available. Those roles with no "Emergency" successor are those which should be addressed first of all, with the other categories looked at in sequence.

User Preferences
The ability to customize this HR solution quickly, allows you to focus on areas important to your business. Some organizations will use different classifications simply because they may work to a shorter timeframe, eg. they may use "Critical", "Immediate","<6 months" and "<12 months" as their classifications. You also have the ability to specify a maximum of 35 competencies against which an individual can be scored and assessed for suitability against pre-defined job profiles. 

Succession Wizard - Full Details

Staff Details
The "Staff Details" screen shows all the information on each individual held on the database. The top half of the screen shows key personal information relating to the individual, with the bottom half showing a series of tabs holding further information. Clicking on the various tab heading brings that information to the front, to view or edit. The various tabs hold information on Job History, Notes, Document links, Competencies and Assessments as well as displaying roles the currently displayed individual could move into.

Staff Search
Staff Search screen is where users can start interrogating the database in order to retrieve people who satisfy certain criteria. The drop-down boxes contain all of the values previously input which makes it easy to build up a user-defined filter. Inputting a value into one box and then clicking the "Find" button will retrieve everybody who satisfies that filter and take you directly to the "Staff Detail" screen for the first person satisfying that criteria. Inputting values into multiple boxes results in a more complex filter. Searches can also be undertaken to find people who have particular minimum (or maximum) scores for specific competencies.

Succession Wizard - Staff Search

Staff Reports
"Report Settings" screen is where choices about paper reports are made. The top half of the screen is similar to the "Staff Search" screen and is where the content of any report is filtered ie. where the rows of the report are determined. The grey panel beneath is where a particular report format is chosen. Once the filter (if any) has been specified and a report format chosen, then the "Go" button is clicked and the report is previewed on-screen. The report content can also be filtered by individual competencies.

Succeeded By / Successor To
This is an example of one of the reports available and it is a particularly useful snapshot to see where succession issues exist. It shows all entries on the database (unless a filter has been applied) and the number of potential successors by classification on the left of the page. The right of the page then shows the number of possible moves the same individual could be eligible for. So quickly scanning the report for an individual indicates where issues may arise. The report menu-bar in the top left hand corner gives the available options ie, whether to print the report, edit the filter, sort the report into a different order for printing, export it to MS Word or MS Excel or close the report and return to the "Home Screen".

Succession Wizard - Succeeded By / Successor To

Succeeded By Detail
is another report chosen from the report menu giving the same information from the left of the previous report in more detail, ie. in addition to the number of potential successors a particular individual may have, it also gives their name, job title and age.
Input Staff
Adding new entries is very straightforward. You just type in the appropriate details of the new entrant. The mandatory pieces of information are Surname, Department, Division and Level and once you have input the details you click the "Confirm Entry" button. The drop-down boxes can be used as an aid to entry as previously input information will be listed and can be easily selected. Other entries would be input in the same way and once the input session is over clicking the "Finish" button returns you to the "Home Screen". You can also add entries using a rapid input batch process.

Import Data
Inputting entries individually is fine for small numbers but if many need to be input then a more appropriate method is by importing existing information. Succession Wizard allows you to import existing information, enabling you to utilize the full benefits of the program almost immediately.
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