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Succession Wizard - Version History

Downloading Succession Wizard always results in the latest version being provided. Users who have purchased the program can download the latest version whenever they wish (assuming they also have purchased optional Software Support), but will need to request a new user password by email by supplying the "System ID",  found by clicking "System Settings" and then "Settings". 


  • Incorporation of context sensitive help.


  • Another major upgrade with improved security and enhanced functionality for multi-user implementations.


  • Major upgrade with the program now including Job Profiles and incorporating more emphasis on individual competencies. Includes a function where you are able to find people suitable for specific roles and also find suitable roles for a specific person.


  • A new "Complete Details" report has been added which shows all the information for an individual. The report can be previewed and printed from the "Full Details" screen for the person currently in view and is, in essence, a print-screen feature. The report has also been added to the report menu and allows the user to set a filter to determine who appears on the report.
  • A new utility has been added which allows users of earlier versions of Succession Wizard to automatically update their data file. This means there is now no need for users to send their data files to us for conversion when upgrading to the latest version of the application.


  • Improved security by preventing any access to the raw data. This means that only users with an authorized copy of Succession Wizard and the ability to view the data folder will be able to see information. Previously individuals who could access the data file, such as network administrators, could potentially view the raw data (albeit in a complex format) without the need to utilize a copy of Succession Wizard.


  • Incorporation of links to open existing MS Excel and Word documents from "Full Details screen. This allows things like Salary Details and Expense Claim reports to be accessed directly from within Succession Wizard.
  • Resolution of error message appearing by mistake when pointing to a data file stored in a network location.


  • Various changes to resolve outstanding issues with regard to operation under different operating systems.


  • Data consolidation feature added to allow users with more than 1 copy of Succession Wizard to merge separate data files. Is of particular use to organizations who wish to have different business units each producing their own succession information. They can then periodically merge all the separate data files into one "master" file for review and amendment by central management, before returning the amended information to the various business units.
  • Small text box added to enable users to describe the scale used for attributes.


  • Increased the number of personal attributes from 10 to 50, allowing much more information to be recorded, and therefore analyzed and reported against, for individuals held on the system.


  • Incorporated a number of animated tutorials into the download file allowing the various tutorials to be viewed by clicking a button whilst running Succession Wizard. This means they can be viewed without having to have an active internet connection.


  • The "Job History" tab now allows changes to be made which are then reflected in the upper half of the "Full Details" screen for the current role. Previously, if any changes needed to be made then the job entry needed to be deleted and re-input.
  • The "Input New Entry" screen now includes a "Start Date" box. If this, along with "Job Title" are completed then the "Job History" tab will have relevant information added to it.
  • The import process has also been changed so that if the "Job Start" and "Job Title" boxes are completed on the Excel spreadsheet then the relevant information will appear on the Job History" tab.
  • The import process has been amended to allow a maximum of 250 entries to be added each time it is run (dependent on the version of SW registered).


  • Corrected several reports so that when the user clicks the "Export" button the feature allows the data to be transferred to ether Excel or Word.


  • Removed the 14 day restriction for evaluation. Now users can evaluate for an unlimited period for a maximum of 10 entries prior to registration.
  • Minor changes to the "System Settings" and "User Preferences" screens so that when a user clicks the button to edit a user definable setting the cursor is automatically moved in to the relevant box.


  • Reduced font size of part of 2 reports; "Successor To Detail" and "Succeeded By Detail" in order that all printers see the whole report. Had been an issue with Lexmark printers truncating age.


  • Reduced size of reports so that should now fit correctly on paper and not bleed to 2nd sheet irrespective of brand of printer used.
  • Reports which can be sorted, can now be sorted by User Defined fields as specified on the System Setup page.
  • "System Settings" page split into two; namely "Settings" and "User Preferences".


  • Changed reports to US Letter size.


  • First posted to website, allowing download of full program. All existing users, with Annual Support, who had previously installed via CD have been migrated to this version.

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